KJ Energy Health Kinesiology Test Kits

Energetic kinesiology test vials are prepared by KJ Energy Health Limited using the latest E-Lybra Bio-resonance technology. Our vials contain energetic vibrational signatures for sensitivity, emotional and allergy testing. Our test kits can be used by kinesiology practitioners, bio-energetic and vibrational medicine therapists, NAET practitioners, homeopaths, radionics users, allergy therapists and other trained health practitioners.

Each kinesiology test vial is carefully prepared and imprinted from a database of over 300,000 bio-resonance patterns and is prepared using homeopathic-grade sucrose granules in clear glass vials.

Using the E-Lybra bio-resonance technology, individual energetic patterns can be grouped together to make a specific formula for testing imbalances eg. synovial fluids in the knee, bones in the wrist, all of the organs and complete systems of the body. Bespoke kinesiology test vials and filled blank vials are also available upon request.

These high quality kinesiology test vials will provide many years of use if properly cared for. When not being used, the vials should be stored in the high quality plastic storage boxes provided and kept away from sources of radiation, ie computers, microwaves, mobile phones. However, airport X-ray equipment has not been shown to affect the integrity of the vials.

Each kinesiology test kit comes in a high-quality, strong, clear plastic box with lid and chemically inert, waterproof insert, and includes a data sheet giving brief information on the contents.

Kinesiology Test Kits and Vials
Test Kit Prices
  • 80 Vial Test Kit boxed - £180
  • 24 vial Test Kit boxed - £60.00
  • Individual vials £3.50 each or £3.00 for 10+
  • Box and insert only: 24 test vial box £10, 80 test vial box £20
  • Plastic box in various colours also available £5 each
  • Prices subject to carriage - orders sent by Special Delivery Post or Courier for next day delivery within the UK